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Sorenson Squeeze 6.0.0

Compress QuickTime, MPEG-4 and Flash for the web

If you've ever tried to upload a large video file to the Net, you'll know what a nightmare it can be. Sorenson Squeeze is designed to help you by providing ultra high compression to upload your video. View full description


  • Wide choice of presets and filters
  • Integration with social networking sites
  • Simple compression procedure
  • Slick interface
  • Fast encoding


  • Lacks proper help guide
  • Creating custom presets unintuitive
  • Poor support
  • Expensive to upgrade


If you've ever tried to upload a large video file to the Net, you'll know what a nightmare it can be. Sorenson Squeeze is designed to help you by providing ultra high compression to upload your video.

One of the problems with compression is knowing what bitrates and framerates are suitable for the medium you want to play it one. Although sites like YouTube now take care of this by automatically, adjusting files to suitable settings, it's not so simple when it comes to transferring video onto external devices. Sorenson Squeeze makes things easy by providing hundreds of presets, from iPhone to PSP, Presentation or Web, so it doesn't require any specialist knowledge. Even better, it's now integrated with sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to allow quicker sharing of your videos.

The Sorenson Squeeze interface is very slick and looks a little like iMovie. The compression process is simple - import your video, then select and drag the desired presets and filters into the job list and then simply render it by clicking 'Squeeze It!'. The built-in preview option allows you to change settings until you're happy with the results. However, this post preview tweaking process isn't very well explained or clear. Sorenson Squeeze is also loaded with many filters for deinterlacing, darkening, lightening or enhancing video for web.

Sorenson Squeeze is let down on a number of counts. One is that there is a distinct lack of help if you encounter any problems, and many users have reported the developer can be unresponsive when seeking advice. The help guide that comes with the app is seriously limited and this latest release has seen many users frustrated and use Episode Encoder instead for their video compression needs.

Sorenson Squeeze offers a generally easy-to-use and powerful video compression tool but, unfortunately, it lacks sufficient help and support to make it a better product.


  • Notifications via Email and Text Message (SMS). Squeeze 6 automatically notifies your clients, colleagues, friends- or even yourself- when encoded files are done and ready for review. Never wait around for encodes again! Review & Approval Workflow. Squeeze 6 automatically sends your clients secure, password-protected videos for immediate review & approval. Instant feedback via Web or Mobile makes your life easier!
  • Publishing & Syndication. Squeeze 6 automatically publishes to Sorenson 360, YouTube, Twitter, Akamai, Limelight and many more. Redesigned User Interface. Constructed to simplify use and easily access the many powerful features of Squeeze. Complimentary Sorenson 360 Review & Approve 1 YR Account Every purchase of Squeeze 6 includes a complementary annual account on the Sorenson 360 Video Delivery Network, making Squeeze the world's first end-to-end encoding and hosting solution. Seamless integration with Avid products, Apple Final Cut Pro, and iMovie. Easy DVD burning. Preset Exchange - an online repository of professional video encoding recipes or presets. Attractive Flash Player Templates.

Sorenson Squeeze supports the following formats

Output: aacPlus, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AVI, Sony PSP, 3GPP, DVD, DV Stream, Image Sequence, FLV (Sorenson Spark, and On2 VP6), F4V, HD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP

Sorenson Squeeze


Sorenson Squeeze 6.0.0

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